Testimonials and Stories

“Dior saved my marriage”
Mrs. Kevin Conlon, Kevin is a Veteran of Afghanistan, with TBI and PTSD
“I’ve been great. My blood pressure is down. My knees are better. And, my blood sugar is under control as Wasabi always alerts me if it starts to rise. I haven’t been in the hospital once in the three years I’ve had Wasabi. My mental health, problems with anxiety and depression are all better.”
Ben Hernandez, Veteran, Desert Storm
“Honey has given my life back. For the first time in eight years, I can go to the Amusement Park with my grandkids. My nightmares have all but disappeared. Honey is far better for me than all the medication I used to take”.
Ralph Talbot, Veteran, Viet Nam
“I know that if Tony has a TBI related episode, Stutz will absolutely know what to do and not leave Tony’s side and this lets me feel okay when I am away,"
Michelle Bryant, Mrs. Tony Bryant

”Stutz helps me keep my focus, to be more positive and calm, and so that helps with my PTSD. With both sons gone, Stutz has taken their place. He is such an important member of the family. When I visit my former base, everyone comes over, knows Stutz and myself by name, want to know how we are doing. I’m now working in Outfitters Gun Shop and Stutz is just great with the customers, always obeys.”

Retired Colonel Tony Bryant, Veteran, Afghanistan
In 2004, when Anthony was slightly over 12 years of age, he was hit by a speeding driver and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. His options were limited as his ability to both walk and talk was affected. He could not return to school for several years. With Filo by his side, Anthony graduated from High School and is attending college.
Ellie Turturro, mother, Anthony Turturro.
“Filo has allowed Anthony the freedom to have a life of his own. He is a young guy now and he needs his privacy. It is so fantastic that he can leave the house on his own, go from place to place. When he comes back, he tells such great stories about where he and Filo have been. As a mom, I feel that he is secure with Filo, that he is safe.”
Elena Alvarez, Elena has a degenerative disease and after living a full life with a career in finance, uses a wheel chair. She is always smiling.
“Garrison is my dearest friend and companion. The constant fear of dropping things, facing a closed door or potentially falling has been allayed by his presence. He is always standing by ready to help. I know that my family rests easier as well. They know when they leave me, I am in good hands (paws really)! While my disability will never go away, it has been made easier to deal with by having him by my side. Now that I have him, I can’t imagine life without him.

Thank you ECAD for all that you do. “


On this Labor Day, I wish to salute our working dogs, Rosie, Ivy, and now Ace. Our working dogs have made an incalculable difference in the lives of troubled children and they have many canine colleagues working throughout the world everyday serving as companions to veterans, disabled children and adults, autistic children and other vulnerable individuals. What love and joy they bring into our human lives. God Bless you all. Rosie and Ivy we will never forget what you did and who you were!

David Crenshaw: The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie
Dear David and Martha,

Sierra is great. She gets Troy on and off the bus for school. The kids love her and so do the driver and aide. … Sierra can’t stay at school because Troy doesn’t talk very well yet and master her. I do hope some day it will happen. … We love her very much and I can’t thank you both enough for taking great care of her and the ones after her. …Best of luck with Boone. Thank you for being a major part of ECAD. 

After reading the story on Home Handlers, David and Martha Schwartz, in ECAD’s newsletter, Cecilia Roberts, Ohio residents, contacted Tara Riordan so that she could give them news on Sierra Mist.

Hi Tara. I don’t know if you remember us or not but this is Cecile Roberts and Troy Roberts and Sierra Mist from the May class of 2010 ….I was going through some photos and thought one in particular should be passed onto Sierra’s old home handlers…. When I read their article in the newsletter, I thought they would like to know that Sierra is happy in her new home and has wonderfully helped Troy…
Thank you again, Cecile.

We've had Baker for 2 1/2 years. Since Baker joined our family, we've experienced more freedom and even bonded more as a family. Micah not only can go to stores, but can hike with us as a family. My other children feel more normal when we're out in public. We have a sense of pride when out with Baker. He's beautiful and lets people know how special our family is. We love him and are eternally grateful for this gift from ECAD.

em>Stephanie Hoefsmit.
Dear Cecile and Troy,

Tara sent us your email and the picture of Sierra: thank you! It was wonderful to see her again and to know she has made an important difference in your lives, and wow, Troy is certainly growing up. We often talk of Sierra and what a terrific dog she is. Lately we’ve been home handling a male named Boone who is similar. We’ll stay in touch! 

David and Martha.